Passion to Move offers an environment that is welcoming, encouraging and physically invigorating. We welcome new members as they add vitality to our existing core group. Our classes are body friendly, tailoring movement to your current fitness level, yet challenging enough for each participant to grow stronger and healthier. The vibe is upbeat, positive and fun.

Set in a large open, mirrored space with an excellent sound system, the Passion To Move studio provides all necessary equipment for classes, including mats, free-weights, Reebok Steps, slides, kickboxing gloves and bags, resistance bands, medicine balls, physio balls, balance tools and rollers. There is also a dedicated Spin cycling studio with six stationary bikes.

The outdoor classes meet at various local conservation sites and Passion To Move provides the equipment.

“Sylvia’s fabulous music system and her choice of music is varied and played at the correct volume level so that you can enjoy the music while she can give instructions without yelling. Experiencing Sylvia and the very special women who attend her classes, I could NEVER go to the typical class at a gym.”-WG