I am a native of Maine. I value my rural upbringing that helps honor nature and a slower pace of living.

When I went to college I looked for an out-of-state experience that had these same values and chose University of Vermont. I self designed a major in Health Education and Health Sciences combining my interests in human development, nutrition, human sciences and education.

I didn’t participate in team sports but always loved to move. I walked, rode my bike, swam, and loved to dance. In college daily swimming became my quiet time. Hiking and outdoor time was my favorite way to connect with friends.

When I graduated from college I moved to the “big city” and spent many hours getting lost, overwhelmed and exhausted by that new environment. I quickly found the “Joy of Movement” studio and regularly attended classes. Exercise calmed me down and helped me create a fun outlet. I decided to study exercise and had the opportunity to be mentored by two Boston fitness gurus.

Maggie Lettvin led a self-designed fitness teacher training, apprenticing at MIT, and appeared on PBS (Maggie and the Magic Machine) and authored many books including “Maggie’s Back Book.” Elizabeth Noble (an Australian physical therapist) wrote “Exercising Throughout the Childbearing Years” and gave the Perinatal Teacher Training course that I attended. These two women shaped my philosophy of using fitness and exercise as a vehicle to model a healthy lifestyle to others and connect to my changing body throughout my lifespan. That has led to my life’s work helping other women achieve their fitness goals and connect to their bodies through exercise, while creating a supportive community for nurturing a healthy lifestyle.

In the 1980s I started a corporate fitness company “Feeling Fit” which brought fitness programming into workplace settings. I created walking programs, lunchtime exercise programs and pre- and post-natal classes as well as workshops showing ways to stay fit while working at a desk.