Fresh Air Fitness Enjoy the fresh air and natural surroundings of Wayland locations in this 60-minute workout. The class combines cardio and band training in an outdoor setting. The cardio, which includes bursts of running and walking, sometimes using Nordic walking poles, keeps the heart rate elevated throughout the entire 60 minutes of the class. The cardio is performed in intervals, and is broken up by various strength training exercises, most of which are done using resistance bands. The band training is a combination of movements that build strength in the lower and upper parts of the body, as well as in the core. The class winds down with a calming stretch circuit that helps lower the heart rate and relax the targeted muscles. Balance, flexibility, mindfulness and core awareness are also benefits of this class. All fitness levels and drop-ins welcome.

Nordic Walking An exciting walking technique that combines fitness walking and the use of specialized Nordic poles to enhance the workout. The benefits are increased caloric expenditure, upper body strength, and increased stability while decreasing stress on joints. Technique instruction given at the beginning of each quarterly session with guidance offered on form and technique throughout the program. Sturdy walking shoes or hiking boots required, layered clothing and water bottles suggested. Drop-ins welcome for experienced Nordic walkers.

Nordic Snowshoeing Seasonal class that incorporates Nordic walking format and locations. Snow shoes required. Layered clothing and water bottles suggested. Drops-in welcome for experienced Nordic walkers.

Aqua Fitness Pool workouts are a great way to increase strength, endurance and overall health. Workout wet for a challenging routine that is easy on the joints and refreshing for the body.