Passion to Move Total body conditioning class that incorporates posture, strength, flexibility, and balance with a cardiovascular warn up. Uses balls, bands, bars, kettle bells, weights and other fitness tools. Variety and creativity mark this class as well as careful attention to alignment, posture and technique for awareness and safety. Drop-ins welcome.

Passion to Move, Jr. Total body conditioning class designed for adolescent girls. Utilizes similar conditioning techniques as adult class, but girl friendly. Call if interested.

IMX Pilates Integrated movement exercise (IMX) is a Pilates mat program designed to develop strength, symmetry, and range of motion with an emphasis on core stabilization, body alignment, and breath. It is a conditioning class that is progressive in nature and utilizes a Pilates ring, resistance band, and a body bar as props. Pre-registered participants preferred.

Spin Cycle A non-impact cardiovascular workout using stationary bikes. A base level of fitness is required. The instructor leads you on a group ride set to music. The terrain will vary but correct posture and form will be emphasized in all classes. Bring water bottles. Biking shorts and shoes not required but preferred. Note: Plan on coming 10 minutes early the first time for bike setup.

Yoga Energizing and relaxing all in one! This yoga class takes you through challenging standing sequences, balancing poses, and then down to the mat for flexibility work and relaxation. Similar sequences are used weekly so students become familiar with the poses. This is an open level class and no previous yoga experience is necessary. Contact Instructor with further questions: Lauren Star 617-699-7141 or


TRX Suspension training that is a modern system of body weight exercise using TRX. The TRX class provides an ideal mix of support and mobility to train strength endurance, balance, coordination, flexibility, power and core stability all at once. Group classes and individual training available.